Flora Fusion

The photographs fuse colour and design in a floral bouquet of intensity, producing images that explode from the frame in a synthesis of abstraction and representation. Close-up studies of flowers force the viewer to look beyond the obvious picture.

“My aim was to create vibrant, colourful and abstract flower images that challenge the eye to look beyond the traditional flora shapes.

The photographs resemble kaleidoscopes, where you can see the patterns reflected in the mirror but are unable to distinguish the boundaries. Just like the toy, you know at the next turn the image will have evolved and for me this is the challenge, I want to pull the viewer back to continually reassess their initial perceptions. A bat peers out of a pink lily and a blowfish gawps unblinking from the centre of an orchid. An iris shimmers in purple symmetry, while a muscular gladiolus android nestles in an azure embrace.”